Hi Everyone I found a forever home before the holidays! Thank you to Everyone who helped!

I found a forever home before the Winter Holidays! THANK YOU EVERYONE!

After Adriene and Tricia made me my own special blog, Paws San Diego got me on the news and all of sudden I had all these families calling in to adopt me! Within 1 day I met my first forever family and fell in love with them at first sight!

I love my new family! I have a new best friend who looks like my old pal, Monkey, but only smaller and fluffier. I love to play with tiny itsy bitsy doggies!

And coolest part is that I have a humongous backyard to run and run and run and run!

Here’s a pic of me with my new family! This family is so doggy friendly that they have oil paintings hung up on their walls of their past doggies who have gone on to doggy heaven!




Here’s my last moment with my foster parents. Adriene and Tricia I will miss you so much. You showed me what unconditional love mens and you rehabilitated me into a cool Jack Sweety Pie.

Tricia was very sad to see me go but she was very happy at the same time that I had found a home. Thank you for this last hug Tricia.





Thanks Tricia for being the best dog trainer ever and thank Adriene for taking me in! Thanks Kenyatta for making me my blog!! I am now a PERFECT best friend!


please remember to neuter/spade your doggies and always get a doggy from a shelter or foster home! Doggies like me are so sweet and there are so many of us out there who need a home. We are not pure breeds, but are pure heart and love - we promise to be your best friend! We don’t need big homes or yards - we just want big hearts! We are domesticated animals who just want to interact with humans. Of course we’ll chase squirrels and funny critters - but we would much rather play catch with our best human friends!

I’m Internet famous! I was on the Morning News Adopt a Pet Segment! Watch the Video!

Hey check me out on San Diego Animal Support Foundation’s Website!  Darlene White is the woman who in the video with me on San Diego News!  Darlenee goes every morning on television to highlight a homeless pet from dozens of local shelters and rescues.  AS you can see I am very special because she says I am one of the most gentle and wonderful and smushy loving dog she’s ever had on the show!

3 WOOFS WOOFS WOOFS in the house for me!

Thanks Darlene, SD Shelters  and Louise from Paws San Diego and Thanks everyone at San Diego 6 (CW) and thank you Adriene for preparing me in the morning to find me “forever home” and thank you tricia and kenyatta for getting me all ready for social media - and oh thank you to all my virtual fans!

San Diego Animal Support Foundation

I’m going to be on CW SD this morning as a great pet to adopt!

I’m going to be on CW News in SD today! My friends at PAWS helped to secure an appearance for me on CW’s morning news section on adoptable dogs in San Diego! woohoo thanks PAws and CW SD! Thank you everyone for trying to help me find a home! It’s nice easy for doggies my size - we are extra lovable but I know we take up a lot of space! But I still believe there is a loving home I can find by the holidays - I promise to be the BEST present ever! A TRAINED SUPER LOVE DOG! I’m going to ask my friends to tivo the fox news segment and then digitize it! Once they get it up online I’ll be sure to post the link. Wish me luck! I’m kinda nervous!

Just chillin with my monkey - sleeping on her head…ahh what a nice pillow

See what monkey is always doing to me? I’m so sweet I let her do whatever she wants

if you are easily offended, dont' watch this video link

CLICK Here for the video

Hey everyone! An update from me!

hey everyone I'm doing great- just hanging out with hello kitty until someone adopts me!

Dear world, here’s an update for all your Jack Needs a Home Followers! I’m doing great with Adriene and Tricia while Paws and all of you help me look for a new home (thanks for your help everyone!)  

This is my favorite eating mat - I put my water bowl over hello kitty’s one eye because sometimes I think she’s just too cute I want her to be a real cat!  who doesn’t love hello kitty!  

Guess what! Paws told me that they are going to get me a news interview this friday with a local San Diego TV station!

I’ll keep you posted.

Losing interest in these toys - get me a new one!

auntie Tricia is torturing me with food! how long do I have to wait to prove to her that I’m a very obedient furry friend?

my fave toy for the next 5 min - monkey!

I can even shake hands with a monkey in my mouth!

watch me chose my fave toy…it’s monkey!

I love ear rubs!

This is me getting my ears rubbed. I don’t know about you but getting my ears rubbed feels goooooooooooooood!!!

Here’s a self-portrait of me!

Here’s a self-portrait of me!

me playing with my favorite toy!  actually I have many faves - but this one is so fun that I won’t even let it go when it I can’t see past the toy. It forces me to nurture my other senses - the olfactory sense!

Me sleeping with my BFF Monkey

hi, I'm jack, I'm a big dog who needs a home - I livein San Diego with my foster human-mom and black-terrier-friend - TAKE ME iNTO YOUR HOME! hi, I'm jack, I'm a big dog who needs a home - I livein San Diego with my foster human-mom and black-terrier-friend - TAKE ME iNTO YOUR HOME! hi, I'm jack, I'm a big dog who needs a home - I livein San Diego with my foster human-mom and black-terrier-friend - TAKE ME iNTO YOUR HOME!hi, I'm jack, I'm a big dog who needs a home - I livein San Diego with my foster human-mom and black-terrier-friend - TAKE ME iNTO YOUR HOME!